Re-usable Learning Objects

Glomaker is an open source authoring tool that builds on the extensive experience of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) in Reusable Learning Objects and is free for educational use. The authoring tools on offer assist teachers or developers of e-learning (including mobile-learning) in creating Re-usable Learning Objects (RLO’s). Glomaker defines RLO’s as such:

“… in our approach, learning objects are focused on one clear learning goal or objective. They are designed to be a) pedagogically effective, and b) reusable. Our learning objects normally incorporate the use of interactive multimedia to create a rich, effective learning experience.”

The concept of designing e-learning modules or courses that are academically sound is in line with my desire to create content for deep-learning design.

I could use this tool as a basis for beginning to develop my own short e-learning course. It is of course only free for educational use so it’s not something that I could build into my employment projects, but it would ultimately inform real-world application through my place of work in the long-run.

Glomaker makes an important additional point in it’s introductory explanation of the service:

“The traditional approach to the reuse of learning objects has been to separate content from context in order to make the content reusable. However, it is not content but the quality of the learning design that is most important for effective learning. The generative learning object (GLO) approach thus inverts the traditional approach. It extracts successful pedagogical designs and makes these the basis for reuse.”

This mirrors some of my comments made in a number of my posts regarding the fact that visual design and layout is paramount to data-retention, not just the content. Poorly displayed content can confuse learners or bore them even. I guess the question I ask myself here is – do the visual design templates offered by Glomaker adhere to some of the cognitive visual research that I have undertaken in this blog? I will download a template and experiment …


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