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As my area of design focus is quite specialized it is tricky to find individual designers that I can seek inspiration from and compare my work to. As such I have sought design companies that specialize in e-learning. My recent post on the reviewing of textbooks also served as a means by which to analyze current designers of print textbooks.

As part of my research undertaken in this area, I have become aware of a number of highly sophisticated e-learning content developers which I will summarize in a number of blog posts and take learning points from, here’s a great company:


Sweetrush A

One of the most inspirational companies that I found was They offer an excellent service, comprised of customized content development services for learning and development professionals who need to create digital content for commercial consumption at part of a company’s Professional Development program.

Sweetrush are content developers who create, amongst other services, engaging training, interactive infographics, 3D visualizations, gamification, augmented reality and also host a social media and blogging site focused on e-learning:

Gamification is something that i am particularly interested in researching. I will be investigating Sweetrush’s contribution to this field further to enhance my understanding of the subject to help me develop a short e-learning game.

“We live for these projects. With gamification, we’re using game-based thinking, aesthetics, and mechanics to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems. Our immersive simulations put learners in a virtual work environment where they practice, learn from mistakes, and get real-time coaching.”


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