Innovative e-learning content authoring service


Cerego provides content authoring tools and templates. They have created a product that exemplifies the notion of putting research into practice – Cerego have developed highly intelligent software that understands key aspects of deep-learning and works towards developing and strengthening a learner’s working memory.

“Cerego activates your memory just as it’s about to fade by tracking your performance on a memory-by-memory level, measuring pace, speed of response, and accuracy to predict the best time to review. The result is an experience optimized for each individual that leads to long-term retention – and a learning engine that gets more effective the more you use it.”

Cerego blend proven learning materials (such as scientific journal content) with web technology. Focusing particularly on neuroscience and cognitive science to enable learners to learn quicker and for longer. Cerego states that spaced rehearsal is key to retaining data and that lots of information over a short space of time doesn’t work. The Ebbinghaus curve shows that an optimal point of review does exist and that Cerego is programmed to take advantage of this. The program measures the memory of learners and predicts performance. This theory is reminiscent of the work conveyed by Dr John J. Medina in my recent post on working memory and solidify’s the concept of repetition being necessary to successfully retain data long-term.

Cerego A

I did test out one of the trial courses on offer and I didn’t actually get on with it. It was a music course with an aim to try and get me to remember different scales. The quality of visuals used was poor and hindered my comprehension. So whilst the surround tool was good, the actual content didn’t live up to expectation and was poor. This is reminiscent of a discussion had in my post that discussed whether a designer should be an actor or a pre-constructor. This example solidifies my belief that a designer should be a pre-constructor only.


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