ebooks are bad for your health!


I’ve just read an interesting BBC News article from December 2014 – based on a study made by a team at Harvard Medical School which comments on how backlit e-readers can reduce sleep and thus affect your health. The blue-light emitted is the offending culprit and brings into question the use of digital reading tools as opposed to a traditional paper book. I guess the answer is not to read digitally before bedtime – but for a student who’s running late on handing an assignment in – this could be tricky! When we consider that backlit screens generally assist in reducing eye-strain – the point made in this article is an important one to juxtapose this with. I am currently reading the full text and will write back with further analysis.

Original BBC News article


3 Graphic Design Principles for Instructional Design Success | The Rapid E-Learning Blog

A short but informative post that I thought i’d re-post which comments on online course designers needing to give thought to the use of visual elements in their e-learning material in order to assist with the learning process.

Because a large part of elearning involves the learner viewing the screen, it’s critical that the visual elements you choose enhance the learning experience. Today, I’ll touch on three graphic design principles for instructional designers.  They will help you build visuals that support your design and help you build more effective courses. Use layouts to […]

Source: 3 Graphic Design Principles for Instructional Design Success | The Rapid E-Learning Blog